Our Services

ACAA provides preventive education programs and contracted, trained therapists provide our treatment services. Please call our central office in Stettler for information regarding our programs and services. Requests for treatment are referred to our Intake Worker who will respond to all inquiries. 


ACAA ensures funds are available for treatment services. 

Please see below for more details on how we can help.


We offer in-home support services, individual counselling and facilitate support groups. Requests for treatment are referred to our Intake Worker who will respond to all inquiries. 

We can help you:

  •  improve your self-management skills 

  • improved self regulation

  • reducing physical, emotional, cognitive and mental symptoms

  •  improve the quality of your daily living 

  • coach and guide you to help you develop good coping skills 

Specialized therapists are located in several communities across East Central Alberta. Please call us for more details


Workshops, presentations and in-school programs are offered to individuals of all ages. These programs increase knowledge, understanding and empower participants to recognize, respond and take action to end all forms of abuse and assault. 


ACAA strives to obtain funding from numerous sources as it is our goal to have funds available to help offset the cost of service whenever possible.

Please contact us for more information about education opportunities for students, staff, parents and community members. 

Feedback from one of our education programs

“Reinforces health curriculum outcomes in a fun, interactive way.”

 “Helps open the door to discussions on abuse and what is/is not appropriate.” 

"Students are more aware of feelings, differentiating between feelings and developing ways to control and calm oneself.” 

"Seems to have improved some behaviours and there is less tattling.”




Crisis Support

WEEKDAYS: 1-866-807-3558

AFTER HOURS & Weekends Alberta One Line: 1-866-403-8000

You are not alone. ACAA's Community Support workers can provide helpful information and specialized support quickly, following an incident of assault or abuse. Our services are entirely client-centered and offer accurate information, options and referrals. Our services are free and available to children, adults, and their loved ones.

Family Support 

Requests for family support can be made to counsellor. Family support is available to families who have one or more family member in therapy. Counsellors can connect families and individuals to one of our Support Workers to help those on their journey to healing reduce barriers to a stabilized home life and ensure focus on counselling. 

Examples of Support Worker services

  • Parenting Strategies

  • Education of impacts of abuse 

  • Advocacy with health, education and other community services

  • Accompaniment to relevant appointments and meetings

  • Assistance with challenging paperwork

  • Employment and financial resources 

Pre-Reporting Support and System Navigation 

The Community Support Worker can assist individuals and their loved ones who may have experienced sexual violence recently, or in the past with exploring reporting options and gaining information about the Criminal Justice System. This service is client-centered and, offering un-biased choices and allowing the client to feel in control and empowered.  If an individual chooses to report, or in cases where a child has been harmed and a report has been made, the worker can provide support to ease barriers and anxiety:


  • offer accurate information

  • advocate on behalf of the client

  • assist with paperwork

  • accompany to relevant appointments

  • liaise with RCMP Crown Prosecutor, and other professionals

  • refer to other service providers