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When it comes to monetary donations, especially to non-profits, many people can feel like extra-large sums are needed to make a lasting impact, when in reality, it doesn't take much to impact people's lives for the better.

Want to know where your giving goes? 
Here are some examples...

Did you know...

ACAA supports, prepares and accompanies children and their families through the entire court system? This process can feel like a marathon no one can fully prepare for. To ease their experience, we create child court care kits. Full of activities, snacks, something to cuddle, & a coffee gift card for their grown up, it can go a long way in helping survivors of sexual abuse get through their day(s) in court.

While many believe donations have to be monetary, ACAA accepts donations of gift cards, new quilts, snacks, fidget toys, and books to ensure every child feels cared for in court. Extra donations will be paid forward to our amazing partners at Victim Service Units across East Central Alberta, who are also integral in supporting those victimized by crime.

Thank you for your support!

If you're interested in donating material goods or supplies, please contacted us via email, and we'll arrange a time with you for retrieval or drop-off.

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