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Online counselling

Healing is 

With specialized treatment and support services, survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse can and do heal.

Direct Client Services

ACAA has been the primary sexual abuse/assault service organization in East Central Alberta for more than 30 years, is a full member of the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services(AASAS). ACAA offers family support and system navigation, Specialized Police and Court Support, specialized trauma counselling, school-based, professional, and public education, and leadership in developing coordinated and collaborative approaches to service delivery across the region.


ACAA ensures funds are available for treatment services. 

Support & System Navigation

Tailored to survivors and their families, this program provides emotional support, information about trauma and sexualized violence, preparation for counselling, advocacy with health, education and other systems, accompaniment to relevant appointments and meetings, assistance with paperwork and connections to community supports and resources. 

Therapeutic Counselling

Individual therapy is offered at no cost to survivors (children and adults) impacted by sexualized violence and other forms of abuse. Counselling is limited to 24 sessions, but this is evaluated and adjusted based on complexity and individualized needs.

Support Groups

ACAA offers a range of group-based services including psycho-educational, support, pre-therapy and peer-connection based groups. Sessions are facilitated through in-person or virtual delivery.

Specialized Police & Court Support Program

An ACAA Support Worker provides individuals with unbiased information about reporting options, helps with understanding and navigating the Criminal Justice System, may assist with applications and other paperwork, offers coping strategies, police and court resources and preparation, and can accompany clients or their loved ones to court and other relevant appointments.

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